It’s True! Everyone Can Now Play The Piano With My 4 Steps Formula!

I know this is hard to believe but please read till the end…
I will show how you can learn to the play piano with my four steps formula.
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After doing my own research, I came into a conclusion that most of us:

  • Have had piano lessons before, but you quit because progress was slow and frustrating
  • Unmotivated to practice because you were struggling to play with flexibility and good coordination
  • You were confused and found the fundamentals of music difficult to understand
  • You had the wrong assumption and hope thinking you’ll be playing Rachmaninoff tomorrow!
What happens if I can change your skepticism towards playing the piano?


Just imagine being able to…

Play every single note easily with understanding.
Let’s make it fun and stress-free!

Your fingers moving flexibly with coordination.
No tension or muscle knots!

You don’t have to practice for weeks!
You will learn the whole piece completely in 1 day!

You will feel the music and pulse, and
can play in time continuously without hesitations!

We know you might still be skeptical.
So, we offer you a COMPLIMENTARY lesson with us,
and a full access to our special piano app.
Experience it!  See your own transformation.

It’s fun! And this special piano learning system really works.

This is an incredible and amazing learning breakthrough! You will magically become musically talented and start to play with joy and skill.
How? Because this is not a self-learning system where you try to follow a flowing music score in an app.  This piano learning system fills you with actionable knowledge that will spur your creativity and imagination,  and also technical skill so that you can control your fingers.  All these in sync movements will astonish you!

How to make piano practice fun?


The Magic Is:
Our Unique Piano Learning System!
You Get To Learn Piano 3-5 times faster.

We have spent over 30 years teaching, performing and composing.  We have analyzed how social media had greatly influenced learning behaviors, and thus, after years of tweaking, we have developed this comprehensive system that allows you to learn with ease and quickly.

  • You will lack nothing!  You will acquire 5 essential skills simultaneously
  • You will be able to read music with a glance!  You will not be tediously and laboriously trying to read note by note.
    You will quickly be able to identify the printed notes with strings of alphabets effortlessly!
  • Playing the the piano requires hunderds of tiny muscular movements in our fingers to play with agility.
    You will be fascinated with your fingers moving nimbly and with great agility!
  • You will feel the pulse and rhythm of the music.  Everyone is born with the natural rhythm instinct since as a baby in our mother’s womb, feeling her heartbeat.  Many have lost this natural sensation as they were growing up.  Now your natural sense of counting instinct will be restored!


Before learning with this special piano system, my basic piano skills were suffering from many problems —- example incorrect hand position which cause unnecessary muscle tension. I can attest that Ms Hew (the teacher) is an expert of muscle movement. Now I can play most effortlessly.  I learn many different patterns that correspond to different kinds of playing skills. I always appreciate and enjoy every lesson!

Soong MK

This special piano learning system taught me how to recognize patterns in music, which speeds up learning. I learn in small parts.  Previously I was overwhelmed by huge chunks of information which caused me to struggle with my music studies.  My self confidence was boosted and that helped me before the exams.  My learning experience was certainly enriched.  I learned about the history and background information about the piece and composers, and that opened my understanding of the compositions.


Thank you!  With this learning system, I have never learnt my theory course at such an incredible pace! I have finished 3 grades( grade 6-8) in just 8 months time. Ms Hew (my teacher) also pays attention to quality, giving me precise notes and enough exercises and these helps me to get a good result. Really appreciate, thank you Ms Hew.

Khor PY

I was studying abroad and only came for music lessons during my school holidays.  The music lessons were terrifyingly intense, but also soooo enriching and rewarding.   Looking back now, I can truthfully say I have no regrets!  (Now, I’m a dentist)